Posted by Vicky on July 31, 2000
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Well to my thinking that Sunny and Bobby Deol are converted to Hinduism. Their dad used to live in village in punjab and used to get milk from my relatives dairy. When he become star he never look backed to his past memories. Well Sunny and Bobby don`t know nothing too much about sikhism because they raised in Hindu community. Well according to thinking if Sikhs are great in Military, sports than they are also good in actors carrier the main problem is that they get very less chance of entering in boolywood.

Take an example of Sports criket, mainly indian cricket team born because of Maharaja of Patiala when he used to go London for playing cricket with England Royal Family. There are lot of Sikh players at that time. Slowly...Slowly till now there is no Sikh player left in Present Indian Cricket team. Well IT STILL CONFUSED ME !! THERE ARE MANY FACTS LIKE THIS.

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