Dhol Di Awaz -- San Francisco, California
Fri, Feb 18, 2005; Holds a capacity crowd of 3500

Usually held annually in February
The first competition was held in 1995
Can host a capacity crowd of 3500
Place where competition is held: Flint Center (Cupertino)
Official Website: http://www.dholdiawaz.com
Registration Fee: $200
Contact Manpreet at mkmattu@uclink.berkeley.edu
Description of Dhol Di Awaz

The Sikh Students Association was founded in 1988 to promote awareness about Sikh history, philosophy, and culture throughout the Berkeley campus community. Since its inception, the organization`s membership has grown to over 100 Berkeley Students who participate in a broad range of cultural and religious events as well as service projects designed t ...
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Past Champions of Dhol Di Awaz
2000 3rd place: Shan Punjab Di
2001 1st place: Berkeley Di Shaan
2nd place: Kunjan Punjab Diyan
3rd place: Shan Punjab Di
2002 1st place: Giddeh Muteyaran
2nd place: Berkeley Di Shaan
3rd place: Da Real Punjabiz
2003 1st place: Khalsa Junction
2nd place: Punjab Di Shaan
3rd place: Rangla Punjab
2004 1st place: Shan Punjab Di
2nd place: Da Real Punjabiz
3rd place: UBC Girlz Bhangra
2005 1st place: Phulorida Bhangra
2nd place: Davis Giddha
3rd place: Sher Foundation
2006 1st place: Davis Giddha
3rd place: LBC: Lethal Bhangra Crew