Phulorida Bhangra -- Miami, Florida
Founded in 2004; Independent; Membership of 18

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From the swamps of Gainesville, the magical city of Orlando, the clear waters of Tampa Bay, and the beautiful beaches of Miami, comes the next big thing in Bhangra! Representing the entire state of Florida, "PHULorida Bhangra" we try to showcase both the traditional essence as well as the modernity of Punjabi music and Bhangra of today.

Phulorida Bhangra consists of eight young women and two young men from the University of Florida Bhangra Club and six young men from the University of Miami and Florida International University?s Hurricane Bhangra team. This compilation of talented and dedicated dancers alternate practices between Gainesville and Miami (which is a 4-5 hour, 300 mile commute!).

Prepare to witness energetic and entertaining performances; even though we`re inspired by our Punjabi roots, we aren`t afraid to throw in a little South Beach style here and there!

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Competition Record:
2005---Dhol Di Awaz--- 1st place
2004---Zee Bhangra--- 1st place
2004---Bayou Bhangra--- 2nd place

Current Members and Alumni:
Tarun Subrahmanian

2004 - 2006   Captain
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