Punjab has a rich musical tradition as Punjab's folkal instruments go back many centuries. Please browse through below and learn about the various Punjabi instruments. Note that you may click on the thumbnail photos to enlarge.

Title: Dhad
Description: Low bass, mellow tone.
Title: Dhol
Description: High bass, energetic tone.
Title: Algoje
Description: Low to high pitch, beautiful tune.
Title: Dafli
Description: Light ringy tune.
Title: Damru
Description: This is a particular version of the Damru.
Title: Sarangi
Description: Stringed, high and low tunes.
Title: Ghalar
Description: High and low tunes.
Title: Sapera
Description: Beautiful, high and low pitches.
Title: Tumbi
Description: High stringy tunes.
Title: Supp
Description: Clap stick sounds.
Title: Ghalar (Kato)
Description: High and low clap tunes.
Title: Chimta
Description: Ring like sounds.