Below is information about clothing people wear in Punjab.

Punjab Punjab Punjab!!!

Women's Clothing
Punjabi girls and women wear salwar kameez's with bright colored duppattas. A salwar kameez has two pieces of cloths: the kameez, or shirt or top piece, and the salwar, or pants or bottom piece. A duppatta is a piece of colorful cloth that women wear around their necks. Salwar kameez's and duppattas come in a variety of colors and designs. There are many stores that specialize and sell only these articles of clothing.

Men's Clothing
Men and boys generally wear loose pants or slacks with a collared shirt or t-shirt. Some males also wear the kurta pajama, an Indian shirt and pant outfit, especially the Punjabi farmer. On their head, many Sikhs also wear bhuggs, or turbins.

Winter Clothing
In winter, both women and men generally wear a woolen shawl, a small blanket, around their necks. Many men wear jackets and woolen caps as well.