People living in the Punjab, and many Punjabi immigrants abroad, speak the Punjabi language. Many write Punjabi in the Gurmukhi script which was introduced by Guru Angad Dev in the 16th century. Gurmukhi is a simplified script that contains ten vowels and forty consonants. The script is written just as you would speak the language, thus making learning to read and write much easier. If required, download the Punjabi font for proper display of Punjabi letters.

Punjabi Alphabet

Punjabi Alphabet
letters with audio pronounciation
describes how to pronounce letters
learn to read/speak
Vowel Signs (Matraas)
vowels to construct words
Other Consonants
important additional letters
the combination characters
bindi, tippi, & addhak
Identify Correct Letter
exercise: identify the letters

Basic Writing and Words

Few Simple Words
writing basic words
Words of Two Letters
2 letter reading exercise
Words of Three Letters
3 letter reading exercise
Basic Words With Images
Photographs listed in Gurmukhi


Pronouns Days of the Week Animals
Birds Relatives Fruits and Vegetables
Clothing Adjectives Verbs
Directions Nature Time
Parts of the Body Education Occupation
Ordinal Metals Number
Agriculture Feeling Adjectives
Magazine Disease Industry
Preposition Interrogatives Useful Words
Places House Domestic Article


Singular & Plural
Imperative Auxiliary Verbs
Present Tense